Belly Fat: Dangers & Help

Belly Fat: Dangers & Help

One of the major concern of people who have an interest in losing their weight includes slimming down their midsections.

What exactly is Belly Fat?

In simplicity, belly fat can be defined as an excess abdominal fat that surrounds the organs in the stomach. As such, we have three types of fat the triglycerides, subcutaneous fat and also the visceral fat.

Let’s have a little highlight about these three fats

  1. Triglycerides fat: the fact that circulates in the blood is known as a triglyceride fat
  2. Subcutaneous fat: this is the layer directly below the skin’s surface
  3. Visceral fat:this is our major concentration also known as the belly fat. Beneath the muscles in the stomach, we have the visceral fats located around that axis which poses numerous dangerous to the health of an individual when there is too much of the visceral fat.

Dangers of Belly Fat

As much as it seems to be normal, many people did not give so much attention to belly fat not knowing that belly fat doesn’t doesn’t just stay there in the stomach but has its negative impact on almost every organ in the body system. belly fat is responsible for the excess production of chemicals and hormones in the body system which can put human health at risk. As a result of belly fat, health issues such as cardiovascular diseases type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer occur to a body that has too much of the belly fat.

Toxic chemicals produced into the body through the visceral fat is called cytokines. Cytokines are known as a negative agent responsible for the increase of heart disease also it’s responsible for the reduction in the sensitivity to insulin which majorly increases the risk of diabetes, also it is responsible for inflammation. Another aging disease cost by the belly fat is high blood pressure.

The Natural way to help Belly Fat, through Diets.

There are more than one ways to get rid of a belly fat some of which includes exercise, diet, medicine e.t.c.

Our major concentration will be on diet. Your diet can be of a great help get when getting rid of the belly fat, in this case, it doesn’t just work with restricting or reducing the number of calories in the body but also altering your diet and even eating healthy food. Healthy food such as diets that are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates such as poultry eggs avocado olive oil fish and so on. and although it is recommended to make our diets from vegetables this builds up less Visceral fat.

It is very important to avoid processed meats junk food which contains a lot of saturated fat sugar and salt this diet should be consumed infrequently. To aid in fast recovery it is very important to reduce the level of intake of sugar which implies that you stay away from fizzy drinks, sweets, snacks, fruits and so many diets that includes sugar.

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