Frozen cooked,? or fresh: which vegetables are more nutritional?

Frozen cooked or fresh: which vegetables are more nutritional

Frozen vegetables are life savers. No doubt about that especially, for people operating on tight schedules.

But while roasting a cauliflower or steaming cold block of broccoliat the end of a long hectic day may save you lots of cooking and clean up time.

The question of whether they still have their nutritional value intact cannot fail to come up.

Depending on the type of vegetables you buy and the nutrients you are interested in, frozen vegetables may be healthier than fresh ones.

Adding on this, it may also interest you to know that cooked vegetables are sometimes more nutritious than fresh ones.


Here are some reasons that might surprise you.

Frozen veggies

Wondering how this can be true? Well, the moment vegetables are picked from the garden they start losing their nutritional value.

The fact that they’ve been removed from their food supply source means they’re using their own nutrients to keep them alive.

The longer they stay the more nutritional value they lose.

Freezing veggies right after picking them preserves every bit of their nutritional value.

Adding the convenience that comes with them, you would agree that frozen vegetables aren’t a lesser choice.


Cooked vegetables


While this has risen some heated debate before, the truth is that though not all, some vegetables are much more nutritional when cooked.

Here is the kicker!

Since many nutrients in vegetables are bound within the cell walls, cooking these vegetables does the hard part of breaking those cell walls so that your body can now absorb the released nutrients more easily.

So if you love veggies and you can access them fresh, well and good.

But, if through the freezer is the way you know; you’ll dine on some vegetables, then have as much knowing that you’re not missing on any nutritional benefit.

And if you get your hands on asparagus or carrots, cooking them will add nutritional value on them.

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