Aids in weight loss

Raspberry is high in dietary fiber and manganese. Fiber aids in slowing down the digestive process, making you feel fuller for longer. The trace mineral manganese keeps your metabolic rate high, and thereby burns fat. If you are looking for a delicious and effective way to lose weight, raspberries can be the best natural option.

A collaborative study by the Center for Nutrition Research, Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology and Department of Nutrition, University of California suggests that red raspberries are helpful in reducing obesity. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26773014?&utm_medium=1848

Reduce wrinkles

The antioxidant powers of these berries actually come from vitamin C, which effectively helps reduce the age spots and discoloration. Raspberries work like magic on wrinkles. They protect the skin from the harmful sun rays. By filling in minor wrinkles, they can help you restore your youthful appearance.

Research conducted by the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto claims that raspberries have antioxidant potential that can prove beneficial for many health issues.


Controls Obesity

We have already discussed how raspberries can help us in our weight loss regime. You will be happy to know that these delicious berries not only help in weight loss but also helps in controlling Obesity. This benefit of raspberries is mainly due to the presence of Rheosmin ( raspberry ketone) present in raspberries. These ketones increase metabolism in our fat cells by increasing enzyme activities, oxygen consumption and production of heat in a certain type of fat cells. When fat metabolism increases, chances of fat molecules to deposit in our cells automatically get diminished.

Metabolism of fat cells not only helps in controlling obesity but also leads to the reduction of pro-inflammatory messaging molecules produced by the fat cells. Obesity is a major threat to our health as it can give rise to ( or increase the risk of ) various health problems like heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallstones, Osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, etc.