The Brain

Reading this right now? Probably, you an established reader. As a matter of fact, you probably must have ignored or forgotten how much work you have put in place to learn to read in the first instance and what you least think of by now is the activities going on in your brain when you are reading that particular presentation or your thesis.

There is no greater organ that plays a greater and better role in reading and understanding, than a ready brain.

A brainis a powerful tool which can decipher millions of object in split seconds, mind you, not only objects, including shapes, letters and some other things the eyes communicates. What our eyes see is what the brain takes into storage, from there we begin to develop our language skills which arean essential tool needed for reading.

The brain is a God Given gift which no human scientific invention can replace including a computer system.  The human brain is an extraordinary organ whose power has never for once, been fully exploited and its one of the main reason people think low of its capabilities

Do you know what we do is from our thought?

Talking of our actions driven by thought, we have to remember we can’t think of anything is we haven’t come across it. This takes us back to a very functional organ The Eye. Whenever we see or read any information, we only have 1% of the information available at our disposal while the 99% is stored in our subconscious, as in the case of an average human.

The subconscious mind is always available to trigger you of impending dangers. This is where our instincts come from.

The information we see is passed directly to our brain, some which we act on immediately and the rest get stored and when we sit and remember some things during our thoughts, the information goes back to the brain and we act on it.


How to keep the brain in good health?

As long as we grow older, the brain also changes its mental function. There are ways to keep your brain ever young and in good health.

  • Exercise: According to research, making use of the muscles helps the mind. Regular exercise increases the numberof tiny blood vessels which brings oxygen-rich blood to the region of the brain and this is responsible for thought. This helps the brain to be more efficient and adaptive.
  • Build Social Ties: Strong ties with loved ones has been proved to cause a reduction in dementia and as well as lower blood pressure
  • Good Emotions: Depressed, anxious, exhausted human beings score poorly in cognitive tests. Good mental health is very important in keeping your brain healthy
  • Meditation: You have a shaper and faster brain when you meditate. Your brain is able to interpret faster when you work on mindfulness daily.

Things the brain does and you don’t think of

The human brain sometimes performs some actions that we least considered or probably didn’t know about.

  1. Control Emotions: sometimes people do things to get on our nerves, this gets you pissed off, you get really angry but didn’t react but ignored. How are you able to do that? The brain plays a great role when it comes to controlling emotions.
  2. Interpret information: this, without a doubt, has been one of the major role played by the brain. The things we see that getinterpreted, is what drives and cause our actions.
  3. Sequencing: this is the ability of the brain to put things in order, what to do, how to dowhen to do and to carry out the most important in order of sequence
  4. Inhibition: Are you on diet? How do you keep yourself from eating fatty foods? This is the work of the brain
  5. Attention: Imagine being around a lotof distractions, but still you are able to ignore and focus on what you are doing. This is the ability to focus on certain thoughts and deed

Ways to make your brain more efficient

As we have had our vaccinations, good diets as an infant, preschool education, all linking to produce smarts adults, these tells us we can also do everything to make our brain more efficient. We can train the brain to exceed its default intellectual potential.

“It may not be a muscle, but you can train your brain just like you would your biceps to perform at a significantly higher level,” says neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., a professor emeritus of the University of California San Francisco.

Here are a fewthings you can do to keep your brain more efficient

  • Exercise regularly: Hit the Gym and have a regular exercise, as it helps to keep the tissues in the brain young and active.
  • Stop Smoking: People who consume tobacco appears to have a slow, dull mental performance, which dims the speed and accuracy of the brain and it automatically affects the overall thinking ability of such individual.
  • Fight Inflammation: anything that keeps your body system inflamed either inside or outside, has a negativeeffect on your mental state. Avoid Inflammation.
  • Stay Hydrated: After exercises, take more than enough water and make sure to stay hydrated every time to avoid aging and stress.
  • Get Rid of Negative Thoughts: Negative thoughts can lead to depression which is bad for the mental state of your brain. Start believing in yourself, this is not only good for the brain but also for your overall wellbeing.
  • Have enough sleep: after sleeping for over 8 hours, your brain becomes fresher and it aids in increasing learning potential and performs better compared to when its sleep deprived.

How to strengthen the brain?

Yes, the brain is just an organ but you can still work it out on some certain exercises. New challenges and activities can strengthen your brain.

Here are a fewthings you can do to strengthen your brain

  • Play Memory Games
  • Read Books
  • Eat Good Food
  • Try new hobbies
  • Improve your skills at things you already know
  • Always learn new things
  • Take up new challenges day by day
  • Limit scaryVideo Games, play brainstorming video games
  • Meet with new people and like minds

Doing these things can strengthen your brain, keep it younger, smarter and faster.

How to be a better thinker?

It’sso sad that we do not have people who spend most times deliberating on issues. Deep thinking isn’t very common in our society, people rather spend time on social media and TV.

But as an aspiring thinker, you can become a better thinker if you can put these things into practice:

  1. Write out your thoughts
  2. Question your assumptions
  3. Break it down
  4. Observe the context of your thoughts
  5. Review it all from the beginning

These few things can greatly help you spend your time thinking and this way, you can become a thinker who thinksin its best and get a clearview of situations.

How to train your brain for positive thinking?

The only thing that would make you think of how to make your brain think positively is when you have a recurring negative thought. First things first, how are these thoughts generated? Let’s not forget that the human brain stores 99% information which a subconscious mind triggers.

A brain that thinks about negative things is surrounded by negativity.

Here are a fewtips that can help you out of your negativity and make you think positively:

  1. Observe your thoughts: observe what you think about the most that bringin negative thoughts. A depressed mind has a higherchance of producing negative thoughts
  2. Always tell yourself you can do it: most times we find ourselves in a depressing situation thinking we can’t achieve one thing or the other. This occurs because it’s what we think about in our mind, what do you think will happen if we start to think otherwise?
  3. Always be around things you love the most: engage yourself with things you love doing, this helpsyour mental state
  4. Avoid staying alone for too long.