Vodka is healthier than you think

Vodka is a popular choice for recreational drinkers because of its flavourless qualities, which make it the ideal choice to add to other liquids without overpowering them. It often receives bad press for those aiming to look after our health, such as doctors or family members, for being almost like a poison. Would it surprise you to learn, then, that studies have proven that vodka might not be as bad for you as we have been led to believe?

It’s important to remember that vodka is an alcoholic drink that, like every other, should only be drunk in moderation.

This was shown in a 2009 study that aimed to prove the stress reduction properties of the alcohol beverage. It found that, when the 100 participants were given a 1-to-5 mixture of the drink, they showed a lower response to stressors monitored on brain scans compared to the placebo.

There are also other, more generalised effects on someone’s health that come from consuming vodka. It has been discovered that consuming one shot for women—or two for men—has been linked to lower mortality rates, better cardiovascular health, lower body rate, and a decreased risk of stroke.

However, this argument should not be an excuse to engage in heavy drinking, as the negative health effects of exceeding two drinks per day can.

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